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Bugatti Chiron from Lego blocks

You can drive. A replica built with more than a million pieces.

Obviously, to see a real-size Lego car on the road requires much more than company parts. The idea arose as a project between the creative team of Lego and a promotion to be seen in the Italian Grand Prix. The final result, as we said, is a Bugatti with more than one million Technic parts.

For the uninitiated, Technic is the line of bars, gears, shafts, motors and other pieces of Lego a little more complex than the blocks and bricks for which the company is known.

For the car to end up being functional there are some components that can not be reproduced in plastic, especially when it comes to something that together weighs more than 1.5 tons. For example, there is a steel frame, a pair of batteries, some gears printed in 3D, and all this is on top of real Bugatti wheels.
As for speed, it does not reach that of an original one, of course, but Lego affirms that it reaches 20 km / h, which is not bad if we consider that we are really facing a car made of toy parts and Powered by lots of plastic engines.

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