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Lost his job for publishing on Instagram videos

In real life he is called Doug and is (or was) a security guard. On the internet he calls himself Paul Flart and his specialty is farts.

His perseverance in this field has catapulted him to fame, but it has had an unexpected effect: he has just been fired from the company where he worked and was winding up.

Flart is one of those misunderstood artists that only time will put in the place he deserves. He had been posting videos of his powerful flatulence on Instagram for more than six months. The videos, all identical in format, show a close-up of his face, sometimes undaunted, others majestic, and others surprised at his own titanic power. In the background, without music or presentations that contaminate it, we can appreciate the prolonged and sometimes gurgling sound of its sphincter.

Until now, Flart’s art had gone largely unnoticed, but a video posted on Reddit that collects his best moments changed all that. Overnight it became a star. Unfortunately, fame reached the ears of the company where he works.

The day after his explosion at Reddit, Flart was intercepted by his supervisor on his way to work. Suspecting what was going to happen, the artist recorded the conversation live. The company wanted to clarify that it did not dismiss him for venting furiously in the workplace, but for the fact of recording it and publishing it online with things like the logo of the company in sight.

Doug has taken the dismissal with considerable stoicism and has commented with his fans the idea of continuing his artistic activity and selling merchandising. At Reddit, he has been recommended to make himself known on television. Who knows what the future holds for this new viral star.

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