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Loyal pets that saved the lives of their owners

Psychologists and biologists are sure that our pets help us live longer and be healthier in general. But some pets are not like the others, they are faster, more courageous, always loving and ready to help, so are some furry four-legged pets !. They help us a lot and can even save the lives of their owners.
A seemingly normal day in Costa Rica, the drivers on the main street were stopped by a small dog running towards them in a dense traffic area. This little boy barked and screamed, trying to get everyone’s attention. Once some of the drivers followed the dog, he took them to a man on a sidewalk who had fainted half an hour earlier: his owner, Jorge, a man with an income below average, dressed badly and no one on the street had stopped to help him, assuming he would be drunk. Once people realized that they were unconscious for more than alcohol abuse, they called an ambulance.

This little dog, called Chiquita, traveled with her owner to the hospital, without leaving him alone for a second. Thanks to her, Jorge received medical treatment on time and not only survived the incident, but he recovered almost completely.

In this story we traveled to Australia, where a ship captain, Franz Van Derpoll, dived and fished for dinner when two sharks began to circle around him. His four-legged companion, Sky, who also was in the boat, saw his owner in danger and jumped into the shark-infested waters in an attempt to fight for the life of its owner.

Sadly, this heroic move cost Sky his life. The defeat and the loss were really hard for Van Derpoll, whose daughter, later, commented on this situation. She remembers and says: Dad may have rescued her, but I think she was the one who rescued him.

This story went viral on YouTube after a parent of a young child, Roger Triantafilo, shared the following video, which has obtained more than 20 million views on the video platform. This video shows your cat, Tara, protecting your home better than any dog. You will see here how this heroine feline is chasing the dogs that had cruelly attacked her little human.

In his honor, June 3 was named, “Tara, the day of the heroic cat” in the family hometown of California.

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