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Signs that a watermelon contains nitrates that we must know to avoid intoxication

Once in a while, and especially in the hot summer, you can crave a refreshing and juicy watermelon. But to buy a ripe, sweet and sown watermelon in natural conditions, you should keep in mind some tricks. For example, take a measuring tape with you to the store and measure the fruit, so you will not go wrong with the choice. And, before serving it to the table, dip the piece of pulp in clean water at room temperature to identify problems.

Nitrogen is an important element for growth and development. The watermelon growers, when using it with an increase of the accessible norms, receive in only three weeks up to 10 kilograms. But the buyer can become intoxicated after consuming such fruit. So pay attention to the color of the shell when cutting the watermelon, it should not be yellow. And, in the pulp of a good watermelon, there can be no white spaces.

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