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Tricks to prevent animals from ruining your car

One of the most extraordinary cases of animals that attacked cars was a 200 kilogram sea lion that crawled over the trunk of the car in an Australian neighborhood. The amazing photos of this animal made headlines and became viral because it is unlikely that this type of animal will be seen in urban areas.

In most cases, our cars are attacked by rats and other rodents, street cats can accidentally enter the engine compartments when it is cold outside and our beloved pets can also leave footprints on car seats. Take a look at several of these tricks and tips that prove to be effective in preventing animals from ruining our cars.

If you keep your car in a garage, lift the cover. Rats and other rodents prefer warm, dark places to hide. Leave the cover raised, this can prevent them from nestling in your car.
Use essential oils (such as peppermint oil, for example) in the garage and inside the car so it does not smell like rodents or other animals.
Use wire mesh protection to keep rats, birds and other animals out of the vehicle’s engine compartment.
Do not leave the car unused for a long time. Drive from time to time to prevent the rats from nesting and ruining the internal workings of your vehicle.

Pollution or naphthalene balls can be used to create unpleasant odors that will keep animals out of your car. Follow these tips to make the most of this simple but effective product. Make sure the naphthalene balls do not heat up, otherwise your smell will not reach the cabin and you will not be able to breathe it.
Do not store pet food in the garage. Rats may be attracted to the smell of food for dogs and cats, and can accumulate these in the empty spaces of your car.
Most markets offer a wide variety of rat repellents that can be used today, from ultrasonic devices to chemical and organic sprays. There are even rat repellents specially designed for vehicle wiring. They safely cover parts of the car’s electrical system, which makes them unattractive to rats.

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